Kiss the Shrimp

Kiss the Shrimp

I remember one Saturday, fishing on the Emerald Isle Fishing Pier and had caught 38 flounder in an hour. An older woman approached me and asked, “What is your technique, I am dying to catch a flounder.” I told her I would tell her my secret if she promised to keep it to herself. I told her that after baiting the hook with a live shrimp, you have to kiss the shrimp then cast your line. She laughed, thanked me and was on her way to try out this technique.

The next day I saw her and she ran to me saying she tried the kissing ritual and it worked! I ran into her over the years and she happily told me she was still catching flounder!!!



My name is Aly Elshiekh and am a retired Professor. My daughters have encouraged me to write about my experiences fishing on the North Carolina coast since early 1970. 

My love for fishing started as a young boy in Alexandria, Egypt and in the rural villages where I attended school. I loved fishing and playing soccer.
When I moved to the USA in the late 50’s, I would go fishing with friends before my exams in graduate school. It relaxed us and we would come to shore knowing we would ace the exams! 

In the early 70’s, I was blessed with weekend trips to the NC coast. There, I caught more flounder by the hour than anyone the locals could remember.

Hence, I was Branded The Flounder Man!